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Who are the Praise Pardners? The Praise Pardners provides music and song for the worship time at the “Worship Up, saddle up” cowboy ministry of Troy (MO) First Baptist Church.  Their style/sound is a combination of bluegrass, country, gospel, classical, and others. It is Gospel based, simple, and pleasant – a sound you are sure to enjoy. The members on the album range from 12 to 75 years old (at start of recording of debut album “Believing the Lord”).


Praise Pardners Members:

Dave Hallows – Vocals, Guitar

Mike Herndon – Vocals, Bass Guitar

Tina Meyer - Vocals

Randall Penberthy – Vocals, Banjo, Guitar

Jonathan Romanko – Violin

Matthew Romanko – Cello, Banjo

Terry Romanko – Vocals, Mandolin

Rick Smith – Guitar


The following is a link to the Cowboy Ministry web page on the Troy First Baptist Church website:



The following is a link to the Worship-Up Saddle-Up Facebook page:

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